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Active Adult Alternatives

Today's Active Adult Living is more nuanced than ever.

From culinary-focused to outdoor-loving, communities are satisfying residents as never before. Explore the following spectrum of alternatives. The groupings simply indicate where each nuance is most prevalent; no grouping is exclusive for any alternative (for example, an Outdoor-loving flavor may be found in Assisted Living, Independent Living and Continuing Care communities, as well as the indicated group of Active Adult Living).

Active Adult Living

  1. Clubhouse Active Community

  2. Activity-limited Community 

  3. Fitness-focused Community

  4. Outdoor-loving Community

  5. Themed Community 

Assisted Living

  1. Minimum Daily Living Care

  2. Hands-on Daily Living Care 

  3. Faith-based Community

  4. Gardening-friendly Community

  5. Eco-focused Community 

Independent Living

  1. Maintenance-free Living

  2. Transition-to-assistance Community

  3. Boutique Community

  4. Customized Living Space

  5. Urban-centered Community 

Advanced Care

  1. Memory Support 

  2. Skilled Care

Transitory & Companion Care

  1. Hospice

  2. Rehabilitation

  3. Respite & Adult Day Care

Continuing Care

  1. Life Plan Unlimited Care

  2. Life Plan Limited Care

  3. Life Plan Fee-for-service Care

  4. Culturally-minded Community

  5. Intergenerational Retirement Community

  6. Learning-based Environment

  7. Pet-loving Community

  8. Resort-feel Community

  9. Socially-centered Community

  10. Culinary-focused Community

  11. University-based Retirement Community

  12. Volunteer-active Community

  13. Town-feel Community

  14. Veteran-oriented Community

Board & Care

  1. Rooming / Home-sized Care

  2. Shared Living Units

Home-based Alternatives

  1. Home Health Care

  2. Granny-pod / Tiny Home

  3. Green House Project Model 

  4. Village Concept

  5. Non-medical Home-care Services

  6. Resident-run Community

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