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Does Navi “guide” my search results to favor one community over another?

A:  No. You are in complete control of your search results based on your Wants & Needs and the importance you have applied to those Wants & Needs (whether you have clicked once for “Less Important,” or twice for “More  Important”). The results you receive from Navi are objective and unbiased. Navi only promotes one community over another IF THAT COMMUNITY IS MORE MEANINGFUL TO YOUR WANTS & NEEDS. Navi works for you, not for some hidden contract with providers.


Does Navi charge boomers or their families for this service?

A:  No. Navi offers this service free to help consumers find the most relevant active & assisted communities or other services based on their individual Wants & Needs.


If I am a professional user, how do I utilize Navi's powerful search capability when helping my clients/customers?

A:  Professional users must first obtain a professional-use license. To implement the power of Personalized Search for your business customers, reference the NavXzy platform when contacting us at: We have developed great incentives for professional use, so be sure to contact us today!

Does Navi get paid for featuring/listing communities?

A: No. Unlike senior living directories and referral services, Navi does not charge to list communities. Navi’s mission is to be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible.  Featuring only those communities that would pay for a listing is not in your best interest.


How does Navi obtain information about communities?

A:  Navi obtains information from multiple sources, starting directly from the government agency that regulates the industry. After obtaining this baseline information, Navi’s team reviews it to remove inappropriate entries. Next, the team conducts exhaustive research (online, by phone, by requesting information from facilities and visiting the facilities in person). This research provides the rich detail that you will find only with Navi.


Note that while we strive for accuracy, we cannot always obtain the necessary information or cooperation from government or other sources. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONTACT/VISIT ANY COMMUNITY YOU ARE CONSIDERING FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONE BEFORE MAKING ANY COMMITMENT OF ANY KIND. If you find a community that you believe we should not have listed in our database, we encourage you to contact us at We have more than 30,000 communities in our database and we encourage your feedback.


What makes Navi unique as compared to senior living directories and referral services?

A:  Navi is unique in a number of respects, primarily relating to our extensive knowledge of communities and services, the manner in which we help you search based on your Wants & Needs, and the delivery of results that reflect not only your criteria, but also the level of importance you designate.


With respect to Navi’s database, included are all communities throughout the U.S. (whereas some directories focus only on large metropolitan areas, include only the big “chain” providers, or only target communities in a particular geographical area of the country).


Our business model is different as well. Navi does not charge consumers to search, and we do not charge communities to appear in our database. Navi wants you, the consumer, to have all of the relevant options to consider. Many senior living directories and referral services will feature only those communities that pay them to be listed or refer to only those communities that pay a referral fee for placement.


If I have a question about a community should I contact it directly or should I contact Navi?

A:  You should feel free to contact any time. However, you should also feel free to contact the community directly for more in depth information, or to answer questions you might have about the amenities or services they offer. If you contact a community directly, ask for someone from Sales, Marketing, or speak with the Executive Director. And please tell them that Navi sent you!


Will someone from Navi4ActiveLiving be able to tour the community with me?

A:  Typically we don’t offer this service because it would require us to have personnel throughout the country. We are happy to help you prepare for your visit, or provide suggestions on who might be available to accompany you on a tour.


Does Navi rate communities?

A:  While we have the capability of providing ratings, we recognize that ratings may be skewed by subjectivity, and your Wants & Needs are unique to you. At this time, we've opted not to display ratings. However, rest assured that whenever we find negative or dangerous information about a community, we exclude it.  


The Federal Government rates Skilled Nursing facilities on a 5-star system. Consult the Federal Government’s website at Additionally the Federal Government has information on “medicare-certified” home health agencies.“Medicare-certified” means the home health agency is approved by Medicare and meets certain federal health and safety requirements. Consult the Federal Government’s website at Finally, beyond Skilled Nursing, other types of communities are typically not government-rated (even though they are most often government-regulated). Some states provide online inspection reports on their websites. All or portions of Independent Living, CCRCs, and Active Adult communities may be unregulated.


Do I need to execute a contract with Navi before starting my search?

A:  No. Navi’s service is entirely free for your personal use. You can spend as much time with Navi as you like. For those who utilize Navi as part of their business (for example, to help others in research or other purposes), we require that they contact us about a professional use license. This requirement is fully described in the Terms of Use.


Is it better to choose a community that is part of a large chain, or a smaller, independent community?

A:  The choice is yours. You may feel more secure knowing that there is a large parent company behind the community you choose – similar to a large hotel chain where you would expect consistency of quality and service. Or you may like the idea of a smaller, more family-type atmosphere. You might decide to visit both types of communities before making your final decision.


I don’t have health problems now but should I look ahead to the future when I might not be in good health?

A:  These are important considerations that you need to think about carefully. Many communities offer multiple levels of care so that you can “age in place,” meaning that should your health deteriorate you need not leave the community. Some even bring nursing and other services to your independent or assisted living residence so you not only stay in the same community but might be able to stay in place. An increasing number of communities offer home health care and other home convenience services. 


Typically, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offers most levels of living and care, including Independent, Assisted, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing. Contracts at these communities vary, often allowing you to pay more upfront in return for a larger refund to your estate. Upfront entrance fees and monthly fees depend on the type, size and location of housing you choose. Some include housing and services for any level of care as part of the monthly fees while others charge a lower monthly fee and a reduced rate for additional health services should the need arise.


Whether you choose a rental structure or a CCRC with an upfront entrance fee, will depend on a number of factors, including but not to limited to the following: whether you have the financial means to pay an upfront fee; your risk appetite, meaning your desire to pay a predictable monthly fee in return for the security of knowing that all of your future health needs will be met or whether you want to only pay for health services if and when you might need them; the level of comfort in which you wish to live and the variety of activities and services you wish to receive; and whether you want or need to preserve estate assets.

I am a Provider.  How do I add or update my community within your database?

As a provider, you can click the following image to add or update differentiators, amenities & types of care we display for your community. All at NO COST TO YOU!

Providers Only

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