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Culinary-focused Community

From gourmet to farm-fresh and gluten-free, Active Adult dining is gaining culinary panache!

When foodies consider Active Living today, they look for more than dining variety. Throughout the industry, communities are setting new standards for culinary excellence.

Clean Kitchen
Main Course Gourmet Meal

Culinary connoisseurs share one or more of the following preferences in Active Living:


Engage Socially

  • Onsite dining at multiple locations


Shape Living Experience

  • Gourmet / full kitchen

  • Onsite gourmet dining


Receive Care & Medical

  • Special diets (nutrition, allergy, foodie) 

Are you are a food aficionado? Maybe you favor the sourcing of organic ingredients? More than settling for sustenance and variety, do you expect dining excellence? If so, consider the following when evaluating the best Active Living fit for you. Of items important to you, which ones are offered by communities on your shortlist? 

  1. Onsite herbary 

  2. Farm-fresh greens 

  3. Antibiotic-free meats

  4. Catch-fresh fish

  5. Allergen-aware culinary staff

  6. Award-recognized masterchef / kitchen

  7. Toxin-free cookery cleaning

  8. Daily food preparation

  9. Master cooking classes

  10. Guest chef events

  11. Upgraded culinary equipment

  12. Outdoor-prep capabilities



The communities and providers below get fine-dining right. Though they may not be in your city/state of preference, take a peek at what they offer. Let your taste buds anticipate what's cooking in the finest kitchens within Active Living.


Check these out!


Culinary-focused communities are more abundant within Life Plan properties, as those communities typically enjoy a breadth of services and a higher number of residents; nonetheless, communities ranging from minimum-care to advanced care are becoming recognized for excellence in culinary. If food is your passion, there's bound to be an Active Adult provider right for you!

Benefits to You

Among the health benefits of fine dining, the medical profession commonly leads with the following: 

  • Slower eating (savoring flavor)

  • Smaller portions

  • Variety

  • Vitamins through fresh produce

  • Antioxidants through wine

  • Engaging / social

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