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Eco-focused Community

The silver generation is more green than ever!

Growing up amid lasting effects of WWII and the Cold War, most boomers have a conservation mindset. The term "green" may be newer slang, but the strongly held belief of protecting resources is woven into the hearts & minds of many of us. Active Living communities are stepping up in environmentally impactful ways.  


Eco-minded boomers share one or more of the following preferences in Active Living:


Reflect Lifestyle

  • Resort-relaxing or park style

  • Green or open-space surroundings 


Engage Socially

  • Gardening, bird-watching or other outdoor

If you are resource-conscious, consider the following when evaluating the best Active Living fit for you. Of items important to you, which ones are offered by the community? 

  1. Energy efficient buildings & smart thermostats

  2. LED lighting

  3. Water conservation principles

  4. Seed-to-table ingredients in meals

  5. Support of local, organic-pledged farmers

  6. Electric shuttle service and walkability

  7. Sustainability mindset embraced by staff

  8. Programs that promote green living space

  9. Gardening / green-housing onsite

  10. Green cleaning solutions

The communities and providers below get eco-living right. Though they may not be your city/state of preference, take a peek at what they offer. It may help you visualize what Active Living can look like for those of us who cherish a cleaner, more natural environment!

Check these out!


Eco-focused programs are trending within Assisted Living, as those communities have the largest percentage of common buildings and grounds of any Active Living offering. That said, sustainability is at work across all types of communities, improving the quality of life for residents.

Benefits to You

Being eco-minded is more than feeling-good about the environment. Living in an eco-friendly environment yields many benefits. A few include:

  • Energy savings

  • Water conservation

  • Improved health from reduced chemicals / toxins

  • Pollution reduction

Checklist for You

Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. has published its goals for Sustainability. Shown in the image below, highlights include:

  • Increase recycling

  • Reduce energy use

  • Engage residents

  • Improve safety & wellness


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