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What People are Saying about Navi4ActiveLiving

“The Wants & Needs approach to Navi is very easy to understand. It really helped me to realize the factors I didn’t know, had never thought about. I love the simplicity of Navi. And I like the fact that I can choose my Wants & Needs and View Results without having to sign-up or give any personal information before I am ready.”

-Bruce, Release 1.0 User


“Navi is years ahead of the others in the market.”

-Jay, Release 1.0 User


“Go to Navi before spending a minute anywhere else!  My mother-in-law spent 3 months researching assisted living and memory care facilities in the Williamsburg, VA area. After web searches, calls, visits to facilities and follow-up with consumer agencies, she narrowed her list to 3 most suitable options. Last week we introduced her to Navi4ActiveLiving. Within minutes she entered her Wants and Needs, marked the importance of each, then clicked VIEW RESULTS. You can't believe the look on her face when Navi returned those exact three under the MOST RELEVANT header! Take it from us: go to Navi, NOW!"

-Mike O., Release 1.0 User

“Navi4ActiveLiving is the most comprehensive tool I have seen in the market. It’s a great starting point for baby boomers and their adult children looking for active or assisted living. Sitting together to develop Wants & Needs produces ‘buy-in’ from everyone being involved in the process. Moreover, it is intuitive and easy to navigate, and Navi’s coaching helps people understand what their choices are.”

-Senior Living Executive


“Help from a trusted, credible, unbiased source!  The adult children of boomers need to be informed, and they prefer online. That’s the role Navi plays!"

-Executive, Leading Senior Living Provider Chain


“Navi takes active living search to the next level.  Most online tools restrict search to geography and level of care, and sometimes even this simple search is only available after registering. Navi definitely goes beyond, providing great value.”

-Consultant for Senior Living Communities


“Finally an interactive tool everyone can actually use!  Navi is a great tool for people like me trying to get a handle on the providers in an area. Navi helps me do my job. I am definitely interested in a professional license to use Navi in my business.”

-Senior Living Strategic Consultant


“This is an absolutely fantastic technology!  The science and expertise behind Navi is impressive. For the last few years our executive team has said ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could do…’ and Navi has done it! Navi is a tremendous opportunity!”

-Executive at Leading Senior Living Provider Chain

“Navi is very interesting and unique. Navi’s results are customized for each user. It’s great that Navi allows for multiple levels of knowledge on the part of the user. I am anxious to include all of our communities as robustly as possible.”

-Executive for Major Senior Living Provider Chain


“Navi is a wonderful tool, particularly for families that live apart from one another. This is definitely the direction that the market is going, and Navi is leading the way. Quality active & assisted living providers will definitely want to be listed as comprehensively as possible with Navi. This takes search to a new and different level.”

-Executive of Senior Living Provider Chain

“Navi’s categories for Wants & Needs were spot on!  Navi provided a critical foundation for getting my siblings together to discuss priorities, tradeoffs and focus on the things that really matter. I love the ability for family members to privately blog, which helps us focus on the areas of most importance. In searching for active for one parent and assisted living for the other, we don't know how we'd do it without Navi!"

-Laura, Release 1.0 User


“Navi does all the work!  Before Navi, when we were searching for a community for our parents, I built an excel spreadsheet as there were simply too many factors to consider and mentally process without one. Can't wait to tell my friends about Navi: no more need for spreadsheets!”

-Michael, Release 1.0 User


“Navi put it all together for us!  Prior to finding Navi, searching for assisted living for our family member was overwhelming. None of us are expert in the area and we don’t know what we don’t know. But Navi helped us to understand what we needed to focus on, let us know what communities offered what we were looking for, and provided the guidance to help us refine and confirm our thoughts before contacting communities.”

-Sue, Release 1.0 User


“Navi is so full of potential…it will change the market and how we search for important decisions in life. I am enchanted with Navi and what she does for me.”

-Tom, Release 1.0 User

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