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Outdoor-loving Community


Active adults are more outdoor-focused than ever before.

From hiking and biking to nearby waterways for kayaking, communities are bringing nature to residents.


When exploring a property, consider green space as well access to nearby parks and beaches. Outdoor living space is becoming a must-have.


Look for gardens & gathering areas, and for safe places to read & relax.



Shape living

Private outdoor space


If you're an outdoor lover, which items are important to you? How many are offered by the community? 

Gardens, landscaped grounds, trails
Onsite acreage

Gardens, landscaped grounds, trails

Tennis Balls
Sport-related fitness

Golf, racket sports

Yellow Water Lily
Water Features

Pond, garden pool, flowing waterway

Romantic Picnic Couple
Quiet activities

Bird-watching, biking 

Ski Slope
Winter fitness

Cross-country skiing

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Instructor fitness

Open-air classes, aerobics, yoga


The communities & providers below get outdoor-living right. They may not be in your city/state of preference, but see what they offer. Visualize what Active Living looks like for those who thrive in gentle breezes, who smile brightest beneath open, dome blue skies!

Check these out!



Outdoor-loving communities are more commonly found in Active Adult Living, as those communities focus on mobile (and traditionally younger) residents. Nonetheless, certain care-based properties offer exceptional outdoor amenities.


The medical community agrees that outdoor activities improve health and well being of boomers. As reported by Community Home Health Care of NY:

  • Boosts vitamin D levels

  • Boosts immunity

  • Makes you feel more energized

  • Faster recovery from injury

  • Improves focus


The Gerontologist published the following survey for Outdoor Environments:

Abundance of greenery 

Diverse mix of plants and trees 

Abundant flowers and color 

Easily reachable or raised plants 

Hard boundaries screened by plants

Seating has pleasant views 

Water features available 

Features with movement

Amenities for pets 

Amenities for birds and wildlife 

Can see domesticated animals

Outdoors fairly quiet 

Privacy from resident rooms 

Private places to sit

Outdoor comfort and safety

Plenty of seating available 

Choice of different seating types 

Some seating easily movable 

Seats available in sun or shade 

Seats will not tip over 

Seating has arms and backs 

Seats comfortably shaped 

Seats do not get hot or cold 

Seats with cushions 

Swing, glider, rocking chairs

Tables for coffee, food, etc. 

Restroom, drinking fountain

Microclimate control 

Smoking areas well separated

Outdoor area well maintained 

Walking and outdoor activities

Abundant walkways of different lengths 

Round trip walkways available 

Paving level, easy for wheelchairs 

Paving nonskid and non-glare 

Handrails along some walkways

Walkways partly shaded 

Interesting views from walkways 

Frequent seating along walkways 

Some walkway seating in shade 

Destinations to walk toward 

Places for social activities

Places for recreation and exercise 

Play areas for children 

Place for gardening, horticultural therapy

Indoor–outdoor connection  

Easily reached from indoor commons 

Visible from main indoor areas 

Indoor transition space near doorway 

Outdoor transition space near doorway 

Multiple ways to reach outdoor area 

Doors unlocked during daytime 

Doors open with little effort 

Doors do not close too quickly 

Automatic door available, easy to use 

Can easily cross door threshold 

Wide paved landing outside doorway

Connection to the world

Area is located near main entry 

View of vehicles arriving at facility 

Views of front-door activities 

Views of off-site scenery 

Views of nearby streets or traffic 

Views of off-site buildings, activities

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