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Fitness-focused Community

Today's active adults are pursing fitness like never before.

For many of today's seniors, fitness is no longer a fringe "nice to have" but central to living well. Looking beyond traditional exercise rooms and heated swimming pools, today's 55+ residents are demanding comprehensive exercise offerings, including state-of-the-art equipment, kinesthetically-proven fitness programs and nutritional-support for the exercise-active.

Tennis Ball
Senior Therapy

Fitness-focused Community seekers typically share one or more of the following preferences in Active Living:

Secure Wellbeing

  • Active games, exercise & sports

  • Health club with trainers

  • Tennis & other moderate-to-high intensity exercise

Often, residents who pursue golf, swimming or an exercise room do so for relaxation purposes more so than pursuing a fitness lifestyle. Are you looking for basic well-being amenities, or do you prefer a property committed to innovation and recognition for its fitness programs? If the later, then read on!

If fitness is integral to your retirement, consider the following when evaluating the best fit for you. Of items important to you, which ones are offered by the community? 

  1. Group exercise led by a qualified trainer

  2. Innovative fitness equipment designed for 55+

  3. Diversity of fitness programs, both indoor and outdoor

  4. Engaging wellness activities are central to community philosophy

  5. Onsite nutritional support / dietary programs reflecting fitness goals of residents

  6. Cognitive-based exercise 

The communities and providers below get retirement-age fitness right. Though they may not be in your city/state of preference, take a peek at what they offer. It may help you visualize what Active Living can look like!

Check these out!


Although fitness-focused communities have been traditionally found within Active Adult Living, communities across the care-spectrum are beginning to embrace fitness as important to the overall health and happiness of their residents. 

Benefits to You

Staying fit in retirement years provides many benefits, among those: i) improving motor skills and coordination, to ii) lowering stress via managed physical exertion, and iii) increasing cognitive abilities. The CDC found that physical activity is essential to healthy aging. The guidelines below encourage older adults to pursue regular fitness:​

Former Director of Life Sciences at NASA, Dr. Joan Vernikos is an expert on healthy aging. As an author and inspirational speaker, Dr. Vernikos encourages boomers to get moving! Her latest title, "Sitting Kills, Moving Heals" is highlighted below


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