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Types of Communities

Today’s boomers have a broad array of living choices depending on location, finances, health, family and personal preferences. Although the types of communities vary by location, and typically between States, they can be categorized generally as: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing.


Independent Living

Independent Living is for those boomers who need little to no assistance but prefer not to have the chores and worry of traditional home ownership. 


Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are an excellent choice for boomers who want to live active, independent lives, but may need help either periodically or on a regular basis. Help includes assistance with what is called ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), including: feeding, dressing, grooming and mobility.


Care homes are also an option for those needing some level of non-medical assistance. Known by various names in different States (Board & Care, Adult Foster Care, Personal Care Homes, and Residential Care Homes), these homes typically have less than 10 residents, may be less costly, and located in residential neighborhoods. While the staff to resident ratio is higher than in assisted living, the social, cultural and other activities and amenities are not as extensive.


Memory Care & Skilled Nursing

Memory care is for those struggling with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Specifically designed living spaces and supportive environments are provided in secure surroundings. For those displaying mild cognitive challenges, assistance might be offered in a traditional assisted living setting. Skilled nursing or long-term care is for those who require around-the-clock nursing care. Skilled nursing, for either a short-term rehab period or a long-term care need, is typically a placement made directly from a hospital stay. These placements are driven out of immediate need and fulfilled based upon current availability, thereby limiting choices. For this reason, Navi only returns skilled nursing that is part of a larger community. 


CCRCs / Life Plan

Community Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), also called Life Plan Communities, are ones that offer multiple lifestyle and care options that enable residents to age in place. CCRCs provide a “continuum of care” so that residents can transition from one level to the next without leaving the community. Oftentimes, when one spouse needs a higher level of care than the other, the two can occupy different apartments on the same campus, thereby accommodating each of their needs. Aging in place within the same community ensures the security and continuity of location, proximity to family and friends, and consistency of care by healthcare professionals.


Anytime you wish to explore the type of community best suited for you, search using our proprietary NaviSmart Technology by Search Now here, or in the page header.  To review nuances of Active Adult living, click here.

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