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Choosing Active Living For You


The decision where to live and when to move is a highly personal one. Finding the right active living community for you or your loved one is a decision that requires both emotional and intellectual consideration.


What matters most.  Unfortunately, many fail to consider fully what matters most to them--leading to degrees of disappointment or, worse, the situation where they must relocate to another community. 

Balancing Wants & Needs

Navi recognizes that as in all decisions in life, we have Wants as well as Needs. Differentiating Wants from Needs is not always easy, and balancing the two can be an even greater challenge. Navi looks at your Wants & Needs as well as the level of importance you have indicated for each. Through careful consideration, Navi returns communities that most closely address your chosen Wants & Needs, recognizing that Needs typically outweigh Wants in the balance of life.


Making the Right Decision

Studies show that when the consequence of making a wrong decision results in emotional or financial loss—the more important it is to approach the issue intellectually first—followed by a confirmation of what “feels” right. 


Navi is all about decision-support—not making the decision for you, but rather providing you the knowledge and focused tips that will help you and your loved ones in the intellectual part of your search: so when it’s time to visit the communities Navi has returned, you can feel confident in the questions to ask, the things to look for and the factors most important and relevant to the decision you are facing.


This approach will better equip you to Make your Decision. Smarter. Search using our proprietary NaviSmart Technology now by clicking Search Now here, or in the page header.

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