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"The longer you sit, the more disturbed your body becomes. You are designed to move," says NASA Life Sciences expert and author Joan Vernikos.

It’s all about you. Here at Navi4ActiveLiving, you specify what matters. We believe that locating the best living, from active to assisted and beyond, starts with your Wants & Needs, not with a handful of communities a referral service is paid to promote and sell. Nor with a hodgepodge that online directories list, expecting you to be your own research assistant.  

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Navi Helps You Make Decisions. Smarter.  We all struggle with decisions about our future, and few are as important—or can be as frustrating—as where to live in our active years. How best to maintain our independence? What care is available if needed? At what price? For most of us, the adage is unfortunately true: We Don't Know What We Don't Know. 


Setting Your Direction.  When deciding on a community, consider various criteria, and in what direction they are taking you. For example, what do you want in a setting? Are you looking to continue with an active lifestyle, or are your needs demanding certain levels of care? What financial opportunities or constraints underlie your options? 

With Navi4ActiveLiving, you are able to fully explore each of these areas. But best of all, Navi looks through thousands of communities based on your criteria, returning only those most meaningful to you!

A Resource You Can Trust.  Let Navi be your Personal Coach, helping you focus on factors you should consider in your search for active & assisted living.  Navi's solutions are most relevant to you because Navi starts where others end. So whenever you are considering your next movefor yourself or a loved onecome to, the resource you can trust! 

Learn more about the state of Active & Assisted Living Communities today!

Active Living Today

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Choosing Active Living For You

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NavXzy's Wants & Needs search engine, which powers individualized searches for users, is free for personal use only. Per Terms of Use, professional users must first obtain a professional-use license. To implement the power of Personalized Search for your business customers, reference the NavXzy platform when contacting us at:  We have developed great incentives for professional use, so be sure to contact us today!

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